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"Will it get here already!"-Me

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaRT8jbaj84 Video Of The Day. I am fine for two days and now i have a cold a sore thoat and i feel very sore and no period yet roar!!!! I know it is coming this always happens before i get it i get very sick and bam here it is sounds like we are getting a morning storm ahead. I had a great day with Russ mainly because we got together at 9am our earlyest date yet. We couldn't stop playing with my dx figures he was hunter and of course i was shawn (^.^) I have to do this OTP thingy with my Shawter

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKfd-rBmA6o another video of the day.

Now it is time to go so i can watch Ojamajo Doremi episodes

I love you all
P.S. I promise i will feel better soon


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R33SAJPIyE Video of the day Yep Naruto 2 anyone else all jumpy i know i am. This is kicking ass right now. Anyway yesterday as i said before was me and russy's v-day it turned out awesome cuddling, hugging and kissing a trip to pizza hut, the mall and wallmart. I got a new cell phone keychain of winnie the poo it is so cute. he was so nice to me. I can't wait to hang with him again.

More soon
I love you all

"Feel Free to kiss the winner."-Kevin

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=016pGfgdI6o Video Of The Day. I don't want to go to work today but i have to. At least i will read some fics when i get home hopefully. Tomorrow i have work 11-7pm it is crazy i really don't want to because the next day i have work 8:30am-2:30pm and i might have to work sunday and i really don't want to do that.
More later
P.S. I want some fics to read

Random Posting Fun

Does anyone know who Idiot Pilot is? I like them they have this one song i can't stop playing: To Buy A Gun. It's sooo great. Okay anyway this weekend has been alright i saw Dreamwork's new movie and liked it. I want a plushie from it. Also we went to the mall for awhile talked to these 3 anime fan dudes and told them about animenext and couldn't stop jumping up and down. They said they have written their own series and now they want to read LCAF! YAY more fans! Oh and i got to hang with Russy today too. I am glad he has sooo much trust in me and he opens up his past to me I love him dearly. Jessi's friend M-chan is over for a sleepover. Oh and Russ things are okay. I got in trouble but all will be well my family seems okay i think and thanks for the message I'll see if i can call you. I love you,Hon. Oh i finally found the gift i want to get for our one year at the mall. I will order it soon. I just hope you likey. Also I will try to see you after school if i can't me sorry. I hope you can help me get ready for my final exam and thanks for your loving trust.

To Everyone: Cosplaying can be a true blast.
To Russ:If you need help with Kyo outfits i will give you photo links kay?

I love you all deeply
P.S.A moment in Silence for Wes in Timeforce he was #9 in the countdown. And SPD Stole my switching story for the blue ranger. DARN YOU DAIKARI!!! Stop stealing my bf's FORM!!!! okay i'll kiss ya then come here!
I love you blue ranger Russell.
Hee Hee!
Okay i am done wait another one life moment: Why is everyone so animeish? And why have i not been on it yet? Get Russell in there now!! And bring Kathy in here too! Where's my soda?!

Photos and Quotes!

oh no Michael-san is sad but i have some pics and quotes that can make you all better!

also i found some quotes that may help you icon makers!

Al: Well, there's still a lot that we have to learn about each other.
Marcie: We have the whole summer to do it.
Al: Let's take longer than that.
This was a very sweet scene.
here is LC's favorite one...
Al: Well our souls are married. They always have been, always will be. ~Blushes~ Russ-san he stole your line!

its quotes like these that make me soooo happy that i have my own al holden!!


Can some one make me an icon of amy and conan with the words:"Can you solve the case of my feelings?"

Thank you very much!

News on new stories!

Hello everyone LC here and today i will be telling you about some new series and stories i am working on.
Project Element 5:This is my new book series about 5 boys and one girl. The 5 elements in the world are forgotten about and now a boy named "Lian" must find 4 other boys who are born under the 5 elements. On his way to his first day of high school he meets a girl who has no memory of her past she doesn't even know her own name. But she calls herself Alex. Also some of the LCAF crew members play some camos in this series. There is a english boy, a usa boy, a irish boy and a new zealand boy. Don't worry if you don't understand you will soon. And my first fanfic for Randy's Power Rangers Story is being writen it's called "From Red to Green." the couples are Randy/Rae and a few others plus it has a great love story and it has to do with christmas.

Next Posting Sureal Life.

Here i am!

Well i got two cute shirts today at target and couldn't find Pretear and i will find it. Also i saw the sneck peek of mew mew and one piece and i have to say i am not happy Pudding's name is now PINKY?! One other thing my PARTY IS ALMOST Here! Thank you to my friend for making me a birthday banner check user info to see it.
Well more soon
P.S.I am going to the mall hope pretear is there for the taking!
Good job Kim on a job well done you too ren!! And Mr.H thanks for the shaved ice! And Amy thanks for the hugs